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I got the prints you sent the other day, and they are fantastic! Thank you so much for doing those. Cactus came by last night and got his and he loves it. The pictures on you site just don't do it justice, they need to be seen up close to see all the details. Looks like you're getting lots of exposure from the articles they wrote about you and the gallery. I hope it keeps going for you, this is a beautiful art form, and I'm sure lots of people out there would love to have some of these prints. Keep up the good work and FISH ON!

— Travis

I drove 4400 miles round trip to reteive my most treasured piece of real art! The print was a 50th birthday gift from my good friend and artist Andrew Jensen and his wife Melanie. I hung it the day I got home, before I even unpacked the car! I had forgoten how much it meant to me, It will always be with me and passed on to my daughter when I`m gone! Thank you Andrew!!

— Rod G.



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